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A Diverse Farm

What we do:

We grow high quality hemp in the North East Kingdom of Vermont and offer various CBD products. We also bring together the benefits of probiotics and cannabidiol with our CBD Kombucha.


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Our Hemp

Nestled in the heart of the North East Kingdom, Creek Valley Cannabidiol is a diverse farm. Resting on 100 acres in the Valley of the Lords Creek we grow CBD hemp with most of our own inputs. All of our high CBD hemp is grown from clones. Clones are selected for high CBD contents well as to minimize phenotype variation and ensure a sinsemilla crop. We grow several varieties of American hemp that have less than .3% THC by dry weight.

Our Farm

The farm also holds our herd of over twenty ewes we breed every year for lambs. The sheep are 100% grass fed ranging the fields in summer and eating hay throughout the winter. We also pasture raise heritage breed pigs and a small poultry flock. All of our livestock gives us valuable compost to fuel our hay, hemp and vegetable production. Being committed to probiotics and avid fermenters we also grow over an acre of produce used for fermented goods and our sustainability.

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